Amakode is a script for Amarok to transcode music. It can be used to transcode music between formats when copying files to your media player.

Amakode works best with Amarok version 1.4. Earlier versions might be ok too, but Amarok version 2 is not supported.


Use Amarok's Script Manager on the Tools menu. Click Get More Scripts, and pick Amakode off the list. You will also need to Run Amakode before you close the Script Manager.

Amakode uses various external programs to decode and encode music files. You may need to install one or more of these using your package manager:

  • tagpy library - strongly recommended to preserve tags from mp3/ogg/flac files. This is in the package python-tagpy on ubuntu/debian.
  • AtomicParsley - to preserve tags from mp4 files.

For decoding:

  • ogg123 - if you want to decode ogg
  • mpg123 - if you want decode mp3
  • mplayer - if you want to decode mp4
  • flac - if you want to decode flac
  • mpcdec - if you want to decode musepack

For encoding:

  • oggenc - if you want to encode ogg
  • lame - if you want to encode mp3
  • faac - if you want to encode mp4
  • mpcenc - if you want to encode musepack

Set up transcoding for your media player using Amarok's Media Device Configuration dialog box (Under Settings menu. Find your media player and click the gears button). You can configure the formats that will be copied directly, and the format which all other files will be transcoded to.

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